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11 Menswear Experts Talk about Their Favourite Pocket Square Fold

Mar, 23

Today, in this very blog post, I’m showing you how the top mens' fashion bloggers fold their pocket squares. No long 20 step folding methods, no BS. Just the simple and actual techniques the Pros use to fold their pocket squares.

expert round up pocket squares

The biggest problem that I kept hearing from new customers of Foxhowl was, "How the hell do I wear this thing properly?" They would look up how to fold a pocket squares and it would just tell them something like 9 Easy Pocket Square Folds You Can Do Today. But it didn't solve the question they had of how people actually wore pocket squares. Quite frankly, I was curious myself. 

So I went out asked the top mens style experts their opinion to give you a conclusive answers. In this post are solutions you can apply immediately.

This post will show you the top answers to the simple yet elusive question:

1. What is your favourite pocket square fold?

(Puff, One Point Fold, straight TV fold, etc) 

Here are 11 answers from the style experts:


1. Antonio Centeno, Real Men Real Style

Antonio Centeno
My favourite pocket square fold is simply the Puff and I wear it every time I throw on a jacket!   (Favourite: Puff)

2. Aaron Marino, Iamalpham 

Aaron Marino Pocket Square

My favourite is the straight fold... it works EVERY time, everywhere... anytime  (Favourite: TV Fold)

3.Barron Cuadro, Effortless Gent

Barron Cuadrio

My favourite fold is like the reverse puff. If the pocket square is big enough, I fold the pocket square in half so both sides show (the end that would be puffed, and the reverse open end like in the picture).  (Favourite: Puff)

4. Tanner Guzy, Masculine-Style

tanner guzy masculine style

I'm in a suit six out of seven days in a week and always have a square in my breast pocket. 90% of the time it's a simple TV fold. I love how it anchors a look and adds some intentionality without overly competing with the rest of the ensemble.  (Favourite: TV Fold)

5. David Evans, Greyfoxblog


I tend to just stuff my pocket square into my breast pocket and, depending on how I feel, pull up some of the corners or simply puff it out. However, I like the arrangement in the image attached which was done for me by Sarah Gilfillan of Sartoria Lab - how I don’t recall. I prefer a casual look to something too pressed and folded.  (Favourite: Puff)

6. Scott Purcell, ManofMany

scott purcell man of many

In terms of how we like to fold our pocket squares:

1. Close your eyes.
2. Pick up the square.
3. Stuff it in your breast pocket.
4. Adjust.
We tend to wear them to the fancier events like the Races in Sydney or a black tie event rather than from day to day at work.  (Favourite: Puff)

7. Craig, That Dapper Chap

craig that dapper chap

I wear a lot of pocket squares and have quite a collection now. I'm a fan of polkadots and you can't beat a classic silk square, although they do struggle to hold their shape on occasion, so the fabric of the square often dictates the fold for me.If it's a firmer fabric I like a simple flat folded square, if it's silk a puff looks great. I often go for a three point fold too but again that's only with a firmer fabric, they do look nice and are a bit more interesting than a basic flat fold. (Favourite: Tie between TV Fold and Puff)
I'll always opt for a flat, block colour pocket square; worn with a blazer. Anything from summer smart-casual all the way up to black/white tie! (Favourite: TV Fold)

9. John Robertson, TheEveryDayMan


The puff is most definitely my favourite. The folded options I find a little too ‘square’ and add the slightly nonchalant dimension that the puff adds. (Favourite: Puff)

10. Robert Van Tongeren, RestartYourStyle

Restart Your Style Pocket Square

Well, I mostly wear my pocket squares in the square fold. Might be a boring answer, but it's the truth. Guess I'm just a big fat square myself!

Nahh, sometimes I feel experimental and go for different folds, like a one or two-point, or a puff, but I'm a big fan of keeping things simple and I just love the square fold's simplicity. It's the ultimate sophistication, according to DaVinci, so there you go. Simple to fold and still looks sophisticated.

Besides, I figure if it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for me. (Favourite: TV Fold)


11.  Raphael, Gentleman's Gazette

Gentleman's Gazette Raphael


Thanks for your email and interest. My favourite fold is the shell fold. Here's an article on how to do it.

That wraps our Expert Round Up. 

Here's a tally of the favourite folds: 

Puffs: 5 ½ TV Folds: 4 ½ Shell Fold: 1

It's a tie! I'll be updating this post with more style experts so keep an eye on this page. If you know anyone would be would be a good addition to this post contact me.

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